Welcome to the Cassidy Network

The Cassidy Network, which incorporates the old Cassidy Chronicles, is now officially launched. Most of your old favorites are back, and a whole bunch of new features have been incorporated into this site. Take a browse around and enjoy what´s on offer.

In this age of rapid communication and ease of transport, it is amazing how out of touch with our extended families and friends we become. They are scattered all over the country and around the world, or are a thousand miles away, our brothers and sisters and their children live an hour or two away by car. Oh, we call once in a while, or perhaps we send out the Christmas letter or card every year, and maybe we visit a couple of times a year, but really, we do not share the details of our lives the way people used to. Our lives are too busy, our schedules too crowded to sit down and really tell (or write to) people what is happening in our lives. Yet it is through the sharing of the details of our lives that we build the bonds of a firm relationship.

You've heard of helping to develop a positive self-image in a child. There is also such a thing as a positive image that needs to be nurtured. People need to hear about the difficult times that their friends, relatives and ancestors experienced and the ways those friends, ancestors and relatives mastered those difficulties. They need to hear about the accomplishments of those in the present day. They need to know what made it hard for some people to achieve their dreams. By knowing the dramatic stories, and in comparing their own lives to those of others, people come to see themselves as part of a long chain through history. They can take pride in their origins.

I wish for this website to be informative and fun, but it will only work with your participation, contributions, ideas and comments.

The new design:

I thought is was about time that I updated the site and added in all that additional functionality I had always dreamed of. As you will see the whole site has changed very dramatically, and a whole host of new features added. The basic concept has remained the same, but the site has become more interactive and hopefully more beneficial to you the visitor.

Latest Updates: The Family Tree has been incorporated on a newer design, allowing registered users the ability to update details displayed directly on the website. No more sending me the info, then waiting for the update to take place. You can see the new look and feel and experience the thrill by clicking here. Play around with it - I´m sure you'll enjoy it.

Still to Come!

A large amount of information still needs to be migrated across to the new design. Look out for some great new features along with some of our old favourites.

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Please feel free to contact me should you require any additional information, or to provide your feedback.