Welcome to the Cassidy Network

The Cassidy Network, which incorporates the old Cassidy Chronicles, is now officially launched. Most of your old favorites are back, and a whole bunch of new features have been incorporated into this site. Take a browse around and enjoy what´s on offer.

    Family Tree    

Family Tree: The Family Tree has been incorporated on a newer design, allowing registered users the ability to update details displayed directly on the website. No more sending me the info, then waiting for the update to take place. Have a Look at the new look and feel. Play around with it - I´m sure you'll enjoy it.

    Latest News    

Latest News: The most up to date place for Cassidy News ever!! Read the latest news, comments and reviews, or just add your own. I´ve made it real simple for you. Start a new story, or add your own comments to one previously written.

    Surname History    

Surname History: I´m busy compiling a history of how our surnames all came into being. Here´s a start, but I'm looking for a lot more. If you have any details on your surname, please feel free to add it to this section.

    Photo Gallery    

Photo Gallery: What a great place to add your photo´s or view some of the images posted by our registered members. I am also looking for some real old Family pics, so if you have any, please upload them here.

    Greeting Cards    

Greeting Cards: I really thought this was a novel and great idea, so I decided to incorporate this into the site. What is it? (You ask!) Well, you can send an electronic greeting card for almost any occassion to anyone who has an email address. More categories and Cards will be added soon.

    Recipe Book    

Recipe Book: Mmmm - not too sure if this is the right thing for this website, but what the hell!! You can view some recipes here, or upload your own (including images). Let me know what you think - Is this something worthwhile or not? I´d really like to hear from you.

    Other Information    

Other Info: Now here you´ll find a whole bunch of little titbits and stuff. You gotta check this out. We have Opinion Polls, Irish Mythology, Genealogy research info, Medical and Health News, Jokes, Classified Ads, and a host of other stuff. BE BRAVE, and visit this section.


Latest Updates: This site continues to grow when time permits and new ideas come to mind. But without your feedback or input I will never know if I am on the right track.