About Us

The Cassidy Network contains a whole host of information and functionality for all to use.

The original goal was to provide continual updates of family matters and events, as well as the stories behind the people and the history of the many names that make up our family tree. After some planning and finger-crossing, Cassidy Chronicles went online with it's first issue in January 2003.

However, it was found that this medium could be more than just a quarterly newsletter, so we started adding in all sorts of other bits and pieces, like a forum, a message board, opinion poles and the like, as well as providing different sorts of information that we felt our readers will enjoy. The newsletter took on a different look and feel as it grew, to what you see today. Don't dispair - it will continue to grow and change with the times.

With the advent of advances in technology and the availability of additional scripting methodology, the Website continues to grow, and expand beyond that of the family to now include friends, aquaintances and the general public. A large part of the success has come from listening to our own members' comments and ideas. We are always happy to hear about new feature requests and ideas, so please keep us informed.

What´s Available:
Currently we have available the Family Tree as it stands at present (please contribute by registering and editing), and if you notice an upcoming event (eg a birthday) why not send a Greeting Card to that somebody. You can sign my Guestbook while you are visiting.

Send me your feedback on the site - tell me to add things, remove things, change things; let your creativity flow!

Contacting the Site Adminstrator

Should you need to contact the site administrator for any reason whatsoever, be it to compliment, complain, or to question, please click on the "Contact Us" option for all the necessary details.