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Here you can access your own Blog, or view other members Blogs. What goes into your Blog is entirely up to you - I have no control over it at all. It´s your free web space to do whatever you want to with. You can keep your Blog private, allow registered members to view specific content, or even allow anyone to view some of your posts. It´s entirely your choice!

The application behind the scenes and actually running your blog is called WordPress, an Open Source application. Although it does have it´s limitations, it is proberbly just about the best that there is available out there for this purpose. I am no expert on this application, so I cannot really help you with it, although I will try if need be. But don´t despair - excellent help and support is available from their website. Just go to Getting Started With WordPress for tons of info, tips, advice and help. Check out their WordPress for Beginners section as a perfect starting point.

If you'd like to have your own blog, or get one for a friend or family member, please contact me and I´ll get one set up for you. This may take a couple of days at this stage, but it will be done.

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