Libraries and Museums


Records Available include:

Public libraries in most centres have sections on genealogy and deserve a visit from every beginning genealogist early in his research. Libraries at universities also contain sections of genealogical interest.


The conscientious and methodical researcher will never underestimate the value and the role of museums in genealogical importance. Museums are a great source of information to any genealogist, and often specialist museums hold information pertinent to particular cultures, fashions of the day, historical themes or eras.

Military Records

Military records can be found at various places and there are several publications that provide valuable information to the researcher.

SA National Defence Force Archives

Records Available:

The SA National Defence Force Archives are not open to the public, but you may write to obtain information.

Military Cemeteries

The Commonwealth War Graves Board have lists of all casualties in SA, their places of burial, etc. including all South African deaths overseas and all British killed in SA.

Service Particulars

The particulars of all persons who served in the South African Armed Forces from the time of union in 1910 are available from the SANDF Documentation Centre.

You need permission from the person concerned or from his eldest living relative to obtain information from these records.