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    Irish Mythology    

Irish Mythology: Irish mythology is filled with various creatures like fairies (or faeries as it is spelt in Ireland), leprechauns, banshees and others. They do feature often in Irish Folklore, and some of the stories featured herein contain references to them.


Genealogy: This is a general guide to tracing your family´s genealogy in South Africa. Genealogy is the study of the descent of families and persons from an ancestor or ancestors, while Family History applies to biographical research into one´s ancestors. A Genealogical study creates a skeleton of the family and family history puts flesh onto the bones of the family.

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Classified Ads: Looking for something to buy? Got something to sell?. Need a Service or have a Service to offer? Check out our Classified Ads section. You may just get lucky!

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Medical and Health News: Some great articles here relating to Medical news, information and general health issues. You'd be surprised as to what could be found here. So go on - have a gander at these articles.

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Opinion Polls: Have your say and Vote in our Randomised Opinion Polls. New polls constantly added for your convenience.

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Rant & Rave: Need to get something off your chest? Do you have something to say, be it complimentory or a complaint? Why not let your feelings out in our Rant & Rave section.

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Links Page: Why not add a link or links to your favourite site(s) here, or just view the links that others have posted. You´ll be surprised to discover what other people find interesting.

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Bulletin Board: The main page of our Bulletin Board, which features the majority of information contained in and about this site. Discover our features, get help, and explore.


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